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How it works

The smarter way to process documents step by step

Upload PDFs, images, text document or select a website address to be the first step

System extract the information in the document, transform and classify it

Any modification of last step and all result will be saved, they are all ready for you!

Solution for various types of documents

Bank Statement
And more...

Select Source

Upload PDFs, images, text documents or select a website address to be the first step

Classify and Extract Data

System classifies the document and extracts the key entities in the document

Get Result

Directly export the result to your existing workflow without disrupting your system

Our Applications
Businesses draw actionable insights from text using our industry-leading natural language processing and machine-learning applications
Web Crawling

Automatically retrieve from the target websites and translate the non-structured data into structured data

Solution for below data
Legal Document
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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Recognize and extract text from documents in different file formats including PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.

Solution for below documents
ID Card
Driver License
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Documents Classification

Classify free-text document into single or multiple predefined categories according to the content  

Solution for below documents
Support Ticket
Paper Report
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Entity Extraction

Extract key entity, such as people, places, dates, and other domain specific data, from documents that interests to your organization

Solution for below documents
Application Form
Tender Document
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AI Recommendation

Predict the users’ decision, and provide relevant suggestions based on analysis of data and the Precedent Cases

Solution for below use cases
Form Approval
Products/ Services Recommendation
Addresses Standardize and Validation

Decompose raw input of address and standardizes format with spell correction and abbreviation expansion

Solution for below documents
Application Form
Shipping Order
Delivery Note
Why Intrinsity?
Automate what you couldn't before

Read, interpret, and understand documents based on content, not just layouts


No matter the volume of incoming text, the software can handle the variance


Maintain consistency and analyze data subjectively. Assure that a uniform criteria is applied to the workflow


Achieve meaningful, repeatable results. Many of our models in production achieve greater than 90% accuracy.

Continuous Learning

Continually increase the accuracy over time, with feedback from users

Domain Customization

Able to understand the language of your business by customization

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